Receiving spoof e-mail’s stating avast! as the sender?

Avast! Virus Lab has received malware samples last week; showing that some spoofed e-mails are spreading drastically. The strange thing is that the e-mail states as if it has been sent by avast!

Avast! has detected the malware as Win32:Malware[Gen] and continuously working over the blocking process for this malware.

This malware e-mail is entitled with a subject: “Your Order details and Additional Information”.

Whereas, the contents include a standardized text; delivered when someone purchases avast! licenses.

All this has been programmed so well, the e-mail even has an order number. But unfortunately the order number exists nowhere in avast! Database.

The unauthenticated mail arrives from a sender namely . Although it’s not any official e-mail address, avast! never created this one.

The spoofed e-mail consists of an attachment named as ‘’ having two extensions, i.e. *.PDF.EXE . The attachment is a malware.

The threat was neutralized by avast! Virus Lab as soon as they received an alert about that. An approx of 12,500 samples of the malware have been received by now.

Tip:-Users can avoid the threat by downloading the latest free version of avast! AntiVirus 2014.