Trojan Horse

Trojan horse is a malware, which lies under the category of hacker programs. Though the malware is non-self-replicating and doesn’t need to make several copies of itself; as other malware programs tend to do. In particular Trojans are part of social engineering attacks, as they fool people by pretending themselves fruitful & beneficial software for user system. People often get trapped; and install them over their systems. Hence, the malware easily gains privilege access through the operating system of your computer, and the malicious payload authorizes hackers with access on your system.
Why and when a Trojan is used? A Trojan is basically used by cyber-criminals to initiate online frauds or thefts over transactions. Reasons why Trojans can actually harm you a lot:-

  • It’s kind of identity theft malware: – Trojans are well designed identity stealing malwares. Ever heard about Keyloggers? They are typical forms of Trojans, which keep every record of your keyboard strikes. By this, they can easily capture your credentials for several sites; including financial transactions. Once they steal your identity they can harm your public reputation.
  • Trojans manipulate your requests: – If yours is infected with browser attacks via Trojans, the malware can preferably manipulate your input queries or banking transactions. It may even manipulate the total amount and destination account number once you confirm your online transaction.
  • Detection is complex: – Trojans are difficult to track, and most of the time it just becomes impossible to detect them.
  • Trojans are capable of controlling your system: – Trojans may gain access through your operating system on the very first interaction and then they may allow hackers with remote access to your system. This remote control includes taking pictures from your web cam, disabling your mouse/keyboard, restarting your computer and even more.
  • They may even expose user through DDOS attacks.

Although, it’s truly said that no AntiVirus program assures 100% security from Trojans, anyhow an updated version would protect you at some extent.