Keylogger is a malware program used for online thefts and internet frauds now-a-days. When you are likely having a successful malware attack over your system they leave behind a keystroke logger program, for stalking over your every keyboard stroke.

This program is capable of recording keyboard strikes in a manner that’s completely hidden from the user being tracked.

Key-loggers have great tendency to threaten your online personal information.

They are often generated with combined effect of Trojan horses; remember the old story about the history of Trojan horse, here keylogger acts as the hidden object within the horse dummy.

When users get trapped into hoaxes created by cyber-criminals, keylogger is installed secretly over victim’s system.

Once they are installed over victim’s system doesn’t means they work or run all time in background, they just lay back calmly until & unless they find anything important to do. Well when they get something important they start tracking each-n-every key stroke on your keyboard.

For instance, going to pay bills online? As soon as victim types web address for online banking site in the web browser, a keylogger gets activated.

And thereafter entered information is recorded somewhere and delivered to cyber-criminals on remote sites. This simple lets others access your accounts and make them empty as soon as possible.

Keystroke loggers can be found easily on public systems.

So suggests not entering online financial details on any public computer; typically the ones found in cyber cafe or similar public points.

Stay protected and keep upgraded with latest antivirus updates.