CryptoLocker Ransomware

Is Cryptolocker affecting your privacy? Are you a victim of phishing attacks?

Know more about Cryptolocker:-

Cryptolocker is a new virus in the Cyber town. More and more users are getting threatened for ransom by going days. Cryptolocker is a new version of ransomware virus.


The virus program encrypts and locks files on an infected system and asks for a pay-back amount so that the user could get those files again. The malware program may just track foible parts of the infected system and inject Cryptolocker at those points.

When the implementation completes the virus automatically poop-in a code in the system folder & the registry. Hence, whenever the user intends to boot the system, Cryptolocker runs side-by-side.

Cryptolocker virus keeps reminding the user about encryption of files, with several pop-up windows. The intrusive dialogue box demands the infected user to pay an amount of $300 USD, for retrieving the infected files back.

The payment demand comes-up with a dedicated countdown, which goes decreasing over time. Once the countdown time elapses, infected files are gone forever.