Baidu AntiVirus

Baidu Antivirus:

One of the best and free antivirus features are given below:-

1. Permanently Free

Baidu is a 100% free antivirus. Baidu antivirus doesn’t have any hidden fees or any activation codes, not any restricted functions and no limit to the number of computers that you can install it.

Baidu antivirus is highly committed to providing you with excellent antivirus technology and an excellent rich user experience at free cost to you.

 Baidu Antivirus

  1. Seamless, Automatic Updates

Virus eradication and malicious URL detection system is often up-to-date with the latest protection technology.

This is because your PC synchronizes automatically with the Baidu cloud security data center.

Baidu can quickly and very accurately eradicate the latest threats while ensuring your PC maintains best performance.


3. Multiple Antivirus Engine

The Baidu Antivirus Engine and Baidu Cloud Engine are integrated with one of the world’s topmost antivirus engines from Avira.

Together, these 3 powerful engines offer you a complete, three-dimensional virus detection and removal computer protection.


4. Real-Time System Defense

Baidu Antivirus helps in protecting your computer system from viruses, Trojans, and other malicious program in real-time with these 5 defense modules:

  • System Protection: Protects critical system locations that can be easily infiltrated by malicious programs and Trojans.
  • Webpage Protection: Protects your Internet security by intercepting and disabling “phishing” attacks, Trojans, fraudulent content, and other malicious websites.
  • USB Flash Drive Protection: Protects your computer security by scanning and preventing your USB flash drive and other mobile storage devices from delivering viruses and Trojans when inserted into your computer.
  • Browser and Homepage Protection: Prevents malicious programs from tampering with your browser and homepage settings.
  • Download Protection: Scans downloaded files in real-time to prevent viruses, Trojans, and malicious programs from infecting your computer.


5. Proactive Defense

Unlike the less advanced virus applications, Baidu Antivirus provides a local proactive defense+ cloud proactive defense in completely protecting the computer from the invasion by unknown malicious software.