Agentless Antivirus

Agentless Antivirus:

Agentless antivirus is often considered as one of the best antivirus in the context of securing the virtualized computers. Traditional agent-based security is not a choice for virtual environments because of the dynamic nature of the virtual machines.

With the help of Agentless antivirus, users can protect all their virtual machines on the host without having to deploy an agent to each of the virtual machine.

Instead of this offload your antivirus to a virtual host.

Agentless Antivirus

When antivirus is run along with the agents, there is a big demand on computing resources.

This is because the antivirus software simultaneously can all the virtual machine on a physical host.

This can cause what is known as an AV storm a bombardment of the underlying pool of the memory, storage and various other CPU resources, which result in slower down the service.

The main advantages of Agentless Antivirus are:

1. Improved resource utilization

2. Prevention of AV storms

3. Higher consolidation ratios (i.e. number of virtual machine per physical host)

4. Reduced software and hardware costs that are associated with virtualizing

Trend Micro Deep Security offer Agentless security for the virtualized data centers, virtual desktops, and in the cloud environments.

Deep Security’s Agentless protection also provides significantly higher virtual machines densities over the leading traditional agent security based solutions.