Javelin’s Strategy & Research states that, by 2013 identity fraud incidents increased for more than one million. Based on those statistics fraudsters were able to earn an amount of $21 billion during this time-period.

A recent research analysis found that, the past year came-up with 12.6 million victims; claiming identity fraud incidents, which is a round off of 1 victim in every 3 seconds.

Not convinced with that as well? Go ahead with this:-

In 2006, the number of unique cyber threats per hour was found to be 2.37.

Well it wouldn’t be strange to believe that it’s the current ratio per second. Hence, it is about 8,200 unique threats per hour in today’s cyber world.

By the fall of 2012, Trend Micro’s analysis found that around 350,000 Android malwares were shot up. Whereas, around 1,700 malicious & high risk apps are still over there on the Google Play Store.

More than 6 users behind every 10 Android users are using only free apps. They are getting FAKE-AV installs on their devices and hence are very much exposed to malicious attacks.

So if you are someone, concerned about the protection aspects for your confidential data, it’s time to throw sufficient light over what viruses, worms, Trojans are; and what they typically do?

This section of discusses about NEW Viruses and threats of cyber world. Be Updated, Stay Safe….