McAfee Site Advisor

McAfee SiteAdvisor software is a free browser plug-in that offers safety advice for online sites you are about to open to safeguard you from risky websites.

It is an award winning software, making it possible for online users to stay alert for potential threats and find alternatives to risky websites. You can easily install McAfee Site Advisor in your browser.

It is free, easy to install and easier to use. This software works with Internet Explorer (Windows only) and Firefox (Mac and Windows). After installation of McAfee Site Advisor, your browser may appear a little different because of small site rating icons.

These icons are added to your browser button, search results and optional search box.

While browsing different websites, you can see which websites are secure to use and which ones are risky with the help of site rating icons.

These site ratings are based on tests performed by McAfee. A whole army of computers works to look for potential threats that try to intrude in your PC through different websites.

Every day, websites are visited by McAfee to test them for any kind of security threats. McAfee Site Advisor rates more than 95% of the Web for safety measures. However, it never collects any personal data or information of the users.

Check what you are about to click on

McAfee Site Advisor alerts you about the danger zone before you attempt to open them. It detects annoying pop-ups, viruses, malwares, dangerous emails and back door Trojans, which can steal your online identity and your personal information.

It is a unique product in the stable of McAfee Support, which contributes in making it even more popular.

However, sometimes users face problems in installing and setting McAfee Site Advisor plug-in, which demands prompt action. Anti-Viruss is at your service to resolve such issues quickly.

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