McAfee Internet Security

McAfee Internet Security is designed for people who love the world of internet and spend most of their time online.

This comprehensive security product by McAfee not only offers you powerful PC protection but also helps you filter dangerous and spam emails to guard off any security threats.

It is easy to install this security system in your computer device for a safe and protected online experience.

Here are the key features of McAfee Internet Security:

  • Powerful protection for your computer: It keeps your computer safe from viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, and offers anti-malware protection for your PC.

McAfee Active Protection and NetGuard technology is comprehensive and powerful. Its advanced scanning engine checks your PC for any kind of threats without eating up your battery.

  • Effective two-way Firewall: It stops malicious software from exploiting your OS and shuts out hackers from stealing your information

Exclusive Email Filter of great accuracy: Spam and dangerous emails cannot make way into your inbox. Say bye-bye to annoying emails.

  • Unique network intrusion security: My Home Network will display all the devices connected to your Internet. You can easily find out if someone is stealing your Internet connection creating hurdles for you.
  • Web browsing protection: The unique product McAfee Site Advisor helps you know if you are just going to visit an unsafe site.
  • It warns you against dangerous websites. Keep an eye on its red, yellow, and green safety ratings. It offers free support and offers you 30-Days money back guarantee.
  • Parental controls: This is the most useful feature of McAfee Internet Security system specially designed for anxious parents. Now you can keep a check on your children’s internet use and secure them by using McAfee Site Adviser.

You can block inappropriate websites on your computer and can set time limits for Internet usage. You can also check user login times, total time spent on the internet and the number of attempts made to access forbidden websites. Moreover, with a detailed usage report, you can check what your children have been up to on the internet.

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