Get Rid Of Goner By Downloading FireLite Version

You might have come across different types of internet threatening havocs, like malware and adware software. At this present scenario, there is a new competitor in this block, and it can be stated as Goner worm. It can be defined as an internet worm, which used specialized operating system, to spread. Some of those platforms are ICQ, Microsoft Outlook, and mIRC. This worm is 38,912 bytes in length, and the service is written in the field of Visual Basic. On the other hand, it might show dll missing error, in order to spread out in a drastic manner. The attached name is going to be “Goner.scr”, and it is packed with the specialized UPX compressor.

Opening this segment

Whenever you are planning to open any e-mail attachment, the worm is going to copy the word “Gone.scr” to the associate Windows Server. Then it is going to change the registry settings, in order to execute the system, automatically. Therefore, whenever you are planning to restart the system later, the host device is going to get infected with this threat. While execution of this malware, you are likely to avail a box and fake message panel. If your system is installed with any infected ICQ software, Goner can spread into your system, easily.

Removing this threat permanently

Firewall recently came up with I-Worm technique, which can help you to detect any Goner file, without fail. The primary aim is to help the user protect the system from harmful worm attack. There are certain online updated facilities, which can help in updating the signature file, well. You can either check the system manually or wait for the automatic segment. Certain online platforms can offer a free download version, to detect as well as clean the worm, on a permanent basis. You can also avail a free version of FireLite, for a temporary clean-up of your system.

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