G DATA Antivirus

Get maximum security for your PC by installing G Data Antivirus 2014. It offers you hybrid protection with its Close Gap technology, which is known to give best response times to current and local online threats.

Internet allows you to do various tasks from the comforts of your room just with a few clicks.

However, using internet is no more safe, as various malicious programs and viruses keep their eye on your online identity posing serious identity and financial theft.

You may use internet for shopping and banking to save your time and effort.

However, the cases of financial frauds are on the rise, which demand a strong security system.

G Data Antivirus offers you maximum security while you do online banking. Here is how G Data Antivirus protects you online:

  • G Data Antivirus offers completely re-engineered user interface for intuitive use
  • With its active hybrid protection, G Data Antivirus removes security gaps to offer comprehensive security.
  • Its AutostartManager accelerates start-up.
  • New Bank-guard technology offers you protection while do online banking and shopping.
  • It does fingerprinting, idle scanning for active hybrid protection.
  • It tracks unknown viruses, monitors and checks unknown behavior.
  • You may get surprised on its hourly updates, which ensures that new threats get no chance to harm you.
  • Say good-bye to annoying pop-ups. It gives top protection and high-performance. This is ideal for online game players.
  • Now it is available for Android, Smartphone and Tablet. Ensure maximum protection against viruses and mobile threats.

Now you know what you get after installing G Data Antivirus in your computer devices. For any kind of technical help, you can rely on Anti-Viruss.

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