Computer Hackers

Computer Hackers:

A computer hacker is someone who exploits the weakness into a computer system security or in a computer network. Hackers may be motivated by a number different reason like profit, protest or showing their technical skills.

The subculture that has been evolved around hacker is termed as the cyber crime underground and is now a community.

More and more, computer hackers or some other cyber criminals, are orchestrating targeted attacks.

Computer Hackers

While some of the hackers in the world are interested in killing as many birds as they can do with one stone, while others think like snipers and are determined to take down one high profitable target with the most advanced precision as quickly as possible.

Over the last few years, there has been a rise in the number of reported targeted attacks. Targeted attacks are much harder to detect than the widespread attacks.

The tools may be identified but the main motivation of the attackers and their chosen targets sets the attacks apart. One of the main differences between the targeted and the widespread as given below:-

1. A Remote Access Tools that infects the user across 50 countries would be a widespread attacks.

2. The same attack technique used against the two nuclear power plants but against no one else is a targeted attacks.

Profit has proved to be a more the sufficient motivation for the hackers to constantly innovate in terms of the attacking security technology.

They research and develop a number of malicious programs with some level of professionalism which is not seen in the past couple of years.