Bitdefender Sphere

Anti-Viruss provides help regarding Bitdefender Sphere. We provide an all round protection and secure a large number of windows systems, Mac systems, mobile phones and tablets for up to three users living together. You can play, shop, work or make online transactions easily from anywhere. There is no slowdown of your system while using this product on your system and gives excellent performance. It even protects your device against stealing or loss. Bitdefender Sphere secures all your devices and even when you purchase a new device, you are covered as it can protect unlimited number of devices at the same time. You can also create a My Bitdefender account, which helps you to monitor and manage all your devices, which have Sphere installed on it, from one place. It also benefits you whenever you use any social networking websites.

If you happen to be a Mac user then it will provide protection to your system against any kind of new upcoming Mac viruses. It even takes care of the windows threats so that you do not accidently pass these to your friends or family members. It secures your online data and no one can hack your identity and maintains the known Mac user interface. This product is also made to provide security to your android mobile phones and tablets. It provides intelligent anti-virus removal and web security feature for your android devices. It works while putting minimal load on your device and as a result, it does not drain your battery quickly. If you open any website that might contain threats then it will notify you. It even tells you when to clean up your mobile malware and protect them against loss or theft.

You can contact us 24/7 on our toll free numberĀ +1-888-502-1607 for any issues related to Bitdefender Sphere.