Avira Exchange Security

The Avira exchange security software provides optimum antivirus security for MS exchange server. These days almost all business communications rely on the email network. However, if the email server is not fully protected against viruses, errors and malware then a lot of loss can occur in terms of confidential information.

This product from Avira has won multiple awards for providing extreme security in a business environment. It delivers efficiency increase by securing your employees’ email accounts and your trade from email related threats. It offers optimal protection, which is extremely dependable and powerful.

It can detect new threats quickly with the help of an inbuilt malware research centre and consists of latest tools to take care of all kinds of email related infections. Another advantage of this product is that it offers low management and administration costs with automatic workflows and centralized supervision.

It makes use of instinctive working devoid of any long and costly training time.

Like other business products, Avira Exchange Security offers free updates and upgrades during the license period.

The developers at Avira have incorporated the fast and resource saving scanning technology with this product that helps in decreasing the server and network load on current systems and thus increases their lifespan.

The licensing does not involve any hidden costs and there is complete transparency.

Moreover, you can install this product on different platforms without buying a different license. The same product can be installed on multiple platforms after uninstalling it from previous platform or system depending upon the license.

The latest version of this product contains the updated versions of Avira unpacker and scan engine, provides support for MS exchange server 2013 and windows server 2013, offers scanning of emails on exchange server 2013, provides quarantine notifications and many other features.

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