How to uninstall AVG from windows

There are many AVG products available in the market for home and business systems. These products provide best of security to all your devices and systems and access to AVG my acccount for all products. If however you face any kind of difficulty while installing or uninstalling an AVG product, you can contact the support desk of Anti-Viruss any time via phone or email. Removing an antivirus product is sometimes troublesome because it is not removed completely from your system and some of its files continue to exist in your system. If these files are not removed then your other applications might misbehave and you might not be able to install some other antivirus product in your system. Many windows operating system users try the conventional method of removing the product from the add/remove programs in control panel. This method performs partial removal and not the complete uninstall. The correct way and help regarding uninstall is provided below:

How to uninstall AVG from windows? 

You can download the utility software of AVG, which is known as AVG remover. This software is specially prepared to remove all parts of AVG product from your system completely. It even removes the registry files, user data, installation files, etc. In case you are not able to uninstall the AVG product effectively from your system then you can use this product immediately. We provide the download link for its latest version on our official website. You can download the AVG remover for 32 bit or 64-bit system as per your need. After the download, you have to simply run the executable file and the product will launch. After the uninstall procedure is completed all existing AVG user settings are deleted automatically and all the items related to AVG installation as well.  During the uninstall process you have to restart your system so ensure that you have saved important data before launching AVG remover.

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