AVG Secure Search

AVG Secure Search alarms you whenever you attempt to open dangerous web pages. It secures your personal information, online identity and your PC. These days, ecommerce websites track your searches and your identity, which is stressful sometimes. AVG offers you full control over your searches and online identity with its Do Not Track feature.

If you want to enjoy surfing online without facing any hitches, then opt for AVG Secure Search. You can contact Ant-Viruss for installation, set up and configuration of AVG Secure Search in your PC. We offer 24/7 online tech support to both home users and business houses. Our services are flexible and tailor made for every customer. We will make sure you stay protected while searching and surfing o the internet.

Highlights of AVG Secure Search:

  • Clear safety ratings to alert you which websites to avoid
  • Protection against malicious sites
  • Do Not Track and Identify protection features
  • Attractive shopping deals
  • Control your privacy

AVG Secure Search offers additional security layers for searching and surfing online. It makes sure that your computer systems are protected from all kinds of online threats and thefts. It offers you safety ratings for each URL in your search results, which allows you to instantly assess the safety aspects of every website. This way, you can choose which website is safe for you and which one is not. Get real time protection against online threats and prevent them instantly using AVG Privacy Fix.

Anti-Viruss makes sure you get maximum result from your online protection software. To materialize this, we have a team of certified techies who are ready to answer your all kinds of queries. They offer instant solution for your AVG issues. You can approach our professionals via phone, mail or chat. Feel free to call us on our toll free numberĀ +1-888-502-1607.

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