AVG Privacy Fix

AVG Privacy Fix takes care of your privacy while you are using the internet. It secures your online world. It gives total control to you and you can choose the level of privacy you require while you are surfing various websites. It provides you with a privacy dashboard from where you can control all the privacy related aspects. You can secure all your social networking profiles and other important data with the help of this product. Many companies like Facebook and Google keep tracking you while you are accessing any data online. You can modify the level of privacy when you are accessing such websites through AVG Privacy Fix with a single click easily. You can block thousands of trackers, which track your online movements, and at the same time, you can check which websites have the right to view and access your private data. This product has been prepared by us to secure your privacy not just on your PC but also your mobile devices and tablets. By using this product, you can easily modify the privacy settings. Many of these settings are otherwise hidden and you cannot change them. You can even control how you appear in the search results, you can get to know your worth, and how much the websites are tracked which you visit. You can disable your Facebook posts to be seen by all of your friends without ‘Unfriending’ them. The social networking keep being updated regularly and AVG Privacy Fix lets you know if anything new appears and needs your attention. The changes that you make to AVG Privacy Fix in one device are simultaneously reflected in your other devices as well. You simply have to download the application or the plug-in for the particular device that you are using. Get full tech support for AVG Privacy Fix from Anti-Viruss. We offer help regarding AVG Privacy Fix 24/7 on our toll free number +1-888-502-1607 along with AVG Premium Security.

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